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    ANAT POLLACK is an Assistant Professor of Digital Video and Electronic Arts at the University of South Florida . She is a convergent media artist, who utilizes digital and mechanical systems to stimulate memory and nostalgia and link these with present experience. Her installations explore the perception and elasticity of time as it is impacted by emotional content, particularly in relation to trauma. She bridges the ragged edges of mind, body, and technology.

    Pollack's video processing algorithms record, manipulate, and deliver altered and time-delayed content; the observers see reflections of themselves in the near-distant past and ultimately respond, knowing they are being recorded. She "collects" sounds and visual images, repeating them interactively, layering them vertically within the composition into a dense, indiscernible blur that triggers thought like something seen out of the corner of the eye. These visually dense images, paralleling individual perception and memory processing, progress sequentially, just as time continues to layer new experiences in life.

    Pollack's exhibitions include solo exhibitions at ARC Gallery in Chicago, Kansas City Artist Coalition, group shows at APEX Gallery in NYC, Seattle's Post Alley Film Festival, and has exhibited at the New Forms Festival, Canada; Data Poesis, in Snow Mass, Colorado; at Miami Art Basel; the M.I.A.D Venado Tuerto 2006 Muestra Internacional de Arte Digital, Argentina; SPARK Festival, at the Weissman Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Showtel, Palm Beach, Florida; The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and participated in juried shows at the VII Salon de Arte Digital and the Catherine J. Smith Gallery. Her work has also been displayed at RSVP Words, Images and the Framing of Social Reality Conference at the New School in Manhattan, NY.

    Pollack received her MFA from Carnegie Mellon University and BA from Indiana University